Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

How old were you when you first started playing:I became transfixed by the violin when I was four years old, and started playing by the age of 5.

Where did you go to school: I have a Bachelor's degree and Performance Certificate from the Eastman School of Music, a Master's of Music degree from the Butler School of Music at University of Texas at Austin, and I am currently working towards a Doctorate of Musical Arts and a minor in Performance Psychology at the Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester.

Who has been your biggest influence on the violin: My wonderful teacher and mentor, Charles Castleman, has been hugely influential on my playing, and has been amazingly supportive of my musical interests and aspirations. 

Do you have any special talents: In addition to being a violinist, I am also a photographer!

Why do you like playing in Quartet442: I absolutely love the musical and social chemistry of the Quartet 442 ladies. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such professional, dedicated and lovely people.