hometown: Moorhead, Minnesota

how old were you when you started playing cello? 10 years old - I started in the 5th grade as part my school's orchestra program

where did you go to school? I studied at the Eastman School of Music for both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees

who has been your biggest influence in your cello studies? I know this is cheating, but I have to give two answers.  Joseph Johnson was the first cello teacher I had who really believed in me and he is the reason I got into Eastman. I admire him and have loved watching his own career take off.  (He is now principal of the Toronto Symphony.)  Stephen Doane is my other huge influence.  It's not usual to have such a fantastic musician and teacher and human being rolled into one.  His passion, curiosity, and generosity towards his students is an inspiration to me.

do you have any special talents? I'm not sure if this is a talent exactly, but in addition to playing the cello I am also a yoga teacher!  I teach vinyasa classes at breathe yoga.

why do you like playing in quartet442? I love this group so much because we are all so different as human beings, and that is what makes us so strong as a collective.  We are all creative and motivated and I am constantly inspired by these amazing people.  Making music with them is really the icing on the cake.